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Agnes Obel

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Agnes Obel – Biography

Agnes Obel is a Danish singer/songwriter.

She was born on October 28, 1980 with the name Agnes Caroline Thaarup.  She took up piano at a young age at the encouragement of her musician mother.

Agnes Obel was inspired by Swedish jazz pianist Jan Johansson, which meshed with her classical piano background to form her unique sound.

Later, she was influenced by diverse artists such as PJ Harvey and Claude DeBussy where she began to draw comparisons to Eva Cassidy, Ane Brun, and Joni Mitchell.

Agnes Obel’s debut album was titled Philharmonics.  It was written, performed and produced by Agnes with the exception of a cover of John Cale’s “I Keep Close Watch”.

Her music has become critically acclaimed and a commercial success worldwide.  In Denmark, her album went double platinum.

Agnes Obel began working on her sophomore album in 2011.  Her new album Aventine would be released on 30 September 2013.

Aventine is one of seven hills surrounding Rome but Obel said : “If I chose this name, it’s just because I like the way it rings.”

The few reactions collected to-date have been very positive.

Caroline Sullivan, from The Guardian, says : “The lyrics are impressionistic sketches (…) suggesting she saved the real firepower for the exquisite arrangements : sculpting strings and piano into beautifully melancholy ripples. Like Ane Brun and Seventh Tree-era Alison Goldfrapp, Obel is exceedingly good at conveying weariness and disorientation through sound (…). A wonderful autumn album.”

As for her personal life…Agnes Obel lives with boyfriend Alex Brüel Flagstad. (Flagstad is a photographer and an animation artist who directed also the video clips of “Riverside” and “The Curse”.)

A plethora of adjectives describe her unique music, but it must be listened to in order to appreciate the pristine mix of instrumentals and vocals into a cohesive ballad.

Here is a sample of Agnes Obel’s music…